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Seminars are also scheduled for February and April. Go here for more information: BC - Yukon Inter-Club Speaker Series

The seminar scheduled for February 24th, 2023 will feature Dianne Bos ( and she will be speaking on Alternative Photography Techniques.


Dianne has been exhibiting her photo based work for over 40 years. She has evolved various thematic bodies of work, and merged technical innovations to create new visual hybrids: her innovative uses of pinhole, film, camera obscura, photogram, installation, and cyanotype all explore the world around us. Dianne says, “The excitement, for me, lies not in photographing and reproducing something I can see, but in revealing the imperceptible (and maybe only the imagined) using the physics of light and time and traditional darkroom techniques.”

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The last seminar of the series scheduled for April 14th, will feature Craig Blacklock ( and he will be speaking on Light Waves.


Most photographers have one recognizable style they apply to varied subjects throughout their lives. Conversely, Craig Blacklock, has devoted his life’s work to depicting the interface of land and water in wilderness areas, specifically, Lake Superior, where he is constantly exploring new ways to express our relationship with the natural world. For his latest project, Light Waves, Blacklock travelled by kayak gathering images that unlock a portal into an astonishing universe where light dances with water,  creating the illusion of three-dimensional objects and spaces.

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Annual international photography contest has been running since 1969. This year's contest closes Monday, February 13, 2023, at 4:00 am (UTC aka GMT)

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Canon Creator Lab's classes for February, 2023.

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