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Gerry Boretta has a canvas print in this year's Midsummer Arts Dream exhibit.

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Gerry's Artist's Statement:

"I am drawn to extreme contrasts. The imagery and poetry in the current project evolved together and depict the rawness of my emotional response to smoke from fire and the pollution it causes, and my elation at the colour in the night sky at those times. Smoke and other particulates in the air cause these vivid and unusual colours. I am as moved by this colour as I am repelled by what caused it.”



Keri-Jo Stewart is mentoring a creative photography group and is working with Gordon Wiltsie, a National Geographic photographer, in a documentary photography group. There are also other photographers and lots of artists.

Note, if you join use "KERRIJO" and you'll get $40 off. Programs run between $30 and $100/

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CAPA 2022 Nature Competition