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May 2018

May 2018

Judging the Lower Mainland Challenge (7:00 PM PDT)
Tonight we will present, and judge, photos submitted for the... Lower Mainland Challenge Here is your opportunity to be an inquisitive explorer and intrepid photographer - with a creative streak. Between now and the end of April, go and explore one location (or more) in the Lower Mainland and shoot the heck out of it, trying to show it in a new and different way while still capturing the essence and spirit of the place. Submit up to 4 images (if too many, the fourth image may be dropped) to Brian D (bdphill@hotmail.com) no later than Sunday 6th May (do not send images to RPC.Evaluations). Format your images as if for evaluation (max 1600 pixels wide x 1200 high) and name each file with the location your name and a number from 1 to 4, separated by hyphens. Do not include your level, and restart numbering at ‘1’ for each different location. e.g. Vancouver Heritage-Brian D Phillips-1 Vancouver Heritage-Brian D Phillips-2 UBC-Brian D Phillips-1 BC Ferries-Brian D Phillips-1 You may select from the following locations: a) BC Ferries (e.g. take a walk-on day trip to Swartz Bay (or a Gulf Island) and back) b) Squamish Railway Heritage park. c) Dr. Sun Yat-sen garden (Vancouver) d) Chinatown (Vancouver) e) Nitobe Memorial Garden (UBC) f) UBC campus g) Heritage Vancouver (older ‘heritage’ architecture in the city) h) Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver) i) Farming in the Lower Mainland j) Reifel bird sanctuary (Ladner) k) Granville Island l) Other – must be outside Richmond but within the Lower Mainland (be sure to name the location in your file name(s)) At our regular meeting on May 8th all the images submitted will be shown and judged on the basis of three equally-weighted criteria: • Technical skill • Composition • Creativity / Uniqueness Following the Annual General Meeting on May 15th, winners will be announced and will have the opportunity to tell us how they made their successful images – both in taking the picture and in later processing. delete
Photo Project - Richmond Regional Heritage Fair 2018
RPC will provide photo volunteers to document children taking part in the in the cultural events at the arts centre that are part of the Heritage fair.  These images are donated to the city. delete
Anything & Everything - Test - Please ignore (7:00 PM PDT)
!RPC Evaluations delete
Can this Photo be Fixed? (7:00 PM PDT)
Explore the mysteries and joys of post-processing with the help of Paul Newell, supported by fellow club members. Send one or two images (not more) with problems that might be solved in post-processing to rpcevaluations@gmail.com, sized to 1600x1200 or less by 7.00 pm Monday May 14. But wait!! There’s more!!! After the break-  “Introduction to the New Website” by Brian D Phillips. You will appreciate knowing how to navigate this important link to the Photo Club. delete
Image Evaluation - Inspiration, Motivation and Perspiration (7:00 PM PDT)
We often go out, take out images and share them without ever telling the story of what motivated us to get up off the couch and be creative. No need for panic, we are not asking for a speech - instead, show us what inspired you to capture the images we see tonight. As always, you can submit up to 3 photos maximum to rpc.evaluations@gmail.com. delete
Photo Project - Doors Open Richmond 2018 (10:00 AM PDT)
RPC will join other volunteers to document events at the many art venues that are part of Richmond Doors Open.  The city gives photographers photo credits whenever images are used. Learn more... delete
Inspiration, Motivation and Perspiration (7:00 PM PDT)
!RPC Evaluations delete

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