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January 2019
January 2019
January 2019
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An Editing Challenge - hosted by Brian D (7:00 PM PST)
On January 8, our first meeting of 2019, we’ll be exploring ways to improve photos that are not awful (or maybe they are) but should and could be better. I’ll be using Photoshop Elements 13 but everything we do will be generic enough that similar steps can be taken in other editing software to achieve comparable results. The evening will be based primarily on your images, so for that we need your support and contributions. If you have one or more images that you would like to put forward as candidates for improvement, please send them to me as jpeg files.  They can be full size (as out of the camera) or smaller, but not less than our usual 1600 x 1200 pixels.  You may give each image a title or not, as you choose, but please do include your name in the file name. Send your images to me at ideally before the Christmas party on December 12, but in any event no later than December 18. One final note – I plan to make some of the images available for downloading by other members so they can show us how they would improve your image.  In your covering email please tell me if you do not want your image(s) shared in this way otherwise I will assume it is OK to share them. For those who want to take up the challenge of  edit 1, 2 or more photos they can be downloaded here:  - see the related email for the password. Many thanks for participating.
Expedition Photography . . . 6 Days in Antarctica with Rick Hulbert (7:00 PM PST)
Landscapes, Seascapes, and Wildlife . . . “photography outside of your comfort zone” Rick ( will discuss Nature photography in unusual circumstances including the atypical lighting, and the conditions (moving platforms) which did not facilitate the use of tripods. Given the limited weight allowed on Antarctic expeditions, he will also talk about the gear he selected and why. Be sure to attend to hear this very informative and entertaining speaker and to learn more about the southern-most 'end of the Earth'.
Evaluation - It's a Wonderful World (12:00 AM PST)
Status: Open Closes: Monday, January 21, 2019 7:00 PM Competition Type: !RPC Evaluations
Image Evaluation - "It's a Wonderful World" (7:00 PM PST)
Tonight, we are focusing on the beauty of the world, in any form as you, the image makes, see it.  Besides allowing members to show off the world in its glory, this event is also designed to get additional critique and suggestions for potential submissions to our annual Lansdowne exhibition. Remember - the submission of images has changed. DO NOT email images to RPC.Evaluations. You will upload your images to this website following the instructions located at BD Tips. You must be logged in to the RPC website Do NOT email images to RPC.Evaluations You must upload only your own images and no-one else can upload them for you (unless logged as you).  The logged-in person who uploads is the owner of the images. File names must consist of only the image title, or you must edit the title in your image library to remove any elements that should not be there.  The title must be nothing but the title - no level or sequence numbers and above all it must not include your name (The title is displayed below the projected image during judging) Level and sequence numbers are not required.  The system knows your level, and images are displayed automatically by level (1 to 4) and within each level, according to a randomly assigned sequence number.. The deadline for submissions (7 pm on Monday) is firm.  There is no leeway.  If you are late the system will not accept your entries.  Period! Do not expect any acknowledgement from myself. If you are anxious and need to confirm that your images have been entered:  In the main menu Click Competitions> Competition Management > Submit Images to a Competition > Select the applicable evaluation competition and you will see what you have submitted. You do not have to submit all your images at once - you may submit one or two and come back later for the other(s)
Closing: North Shore Photo Challenge (12:00 AM PST)
Closes: Friday, January 25, 2019 12:00 AM Member Voting Closes: Friday, February 8, 2019 12:00 AM
Burnaby Photographic Society 23rd Annual Showcase (7:00 PM PST)
Since 1997, BPS has offered SHOWCASE — an evening of images set to music and designed to entertain friends, family and fellow photography enthusiasts while demonstrating the talents and skills of our members. This event caps off a week-long exhibition of prints in the foyer of Burnaby's Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. The print exhibition is open to the public, free of charge daily, until 10:00PM from Sunday afternoon, Jan. 20th through Saturday, Jan. 26th. For more information or to buy tickets:
Pacific Zone Print Challenge 2019 (12:00 AM PST)
Status: Judged Competition Type: !RPC External Contest Candidates

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