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November, 2022
November, 2022
November 2022
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My Two Greatest Passions-Cole Thompson (7:00 PM PST)
In about 75 minutes, Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one. Cole will show work from his various portfolios including:      The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau      Harbinger      Ceiling Lamps      Moai, Sitting for Portrait      The Lone Man      And others Interspersed between the images Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as:      Never listen to others      Photographic Celibacy      Coles Rule of Thirds      Equipment is overrated      Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox      And many others!
Closing: Evaluations: Man-made; Aging with Grace and Dignity; Other (7:00 PM PST)
Closes: November 20, 2022 7:00 PM
Evaluations: Man-Made Structures/Objects; Aging; Other (7:00 PM PST)
Theme suggestions: You can submit anything but here are some suggestions to help get the creative juices flowing.  Please do not include the Theme in the title of your image. 1) Man-made Structures/Objects – images of any man-made object, buildings, transportation (air, land, sea or space), still-life, rural and city landscapes.  2) Aging with Grace and Dignity – According to American feminist Betty Friedan “aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”. Find images which express the experience and benefits of an aging-friendly community in all walks of life and lifestyles. Some suggestions: portraits of seniors; celebrations with family; seniors and their pets; senior artists and artisans and crafts-persons; celebrations and/or sports. 3) Open – if you have something else, go ahead and submit it. Judge:  Sue Olson, who is a certified CAPA judge, has volunteered to judge this month.  Use this event to get professional feedback on your images.
Evaluations: Man-made; Aging with Grace and Dignity; Other (7:00 PM PST)
Status: Judged Competition Type: !RPC Evaluations
Submissions Open: Evaluations: Photojournalism; The Cold; Open (9:13 AM PST)
Opens for submissions: November 23, 2022 9:13 AM Closes: January 22, 2023 7:00 PM

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